Sherlock’s Tips

How to avoid closed store scenario?

Be Smart. Call the store and check if they are operational or not for the day of audit to avoid store close scenario. Store Closed is waste of time, money and effort from your end. You can find phone number at Store Details in your shop log. If not available there, you can get number from Just Dial.

How to audio record?

In today’s era, you don’t need a spy recorder to do audio recording. Simple smartphone having feature or application to do recording is sufficient.  To do it discreetly is more important.

How to audio record in a mystery way?

Firstly put your phone in offline mode so that recording does not get interrupted. Start recording and put your phone in upper pocket. You can also keep phone in your hand if recording does not stop when screen is locked. Do a demo before proceeding for the audit.

How to click picture discretely?

Sherlock does this way. Behave like you are talking over the phone and smartly click picture. Don’t forget to keep flash off or else you will get yourself caught.

How to remember what all to be observed?

Sherlock does this way. Read the questionnaire before proceeding for the audit. Make a note of key pointers to be observed like Ambiance, Staff name, counting products, key observation etc. Immediately after finishing audit, make note of all key pointers in that note. Please remember, don’t write anything during the audit. You will get caught.

How to convert audio from any format to mp3?

Well when technology can do for us, let’s not think much. Simply use to convert audio to mp3.

Well for now, that’s it. Do visit frequently to get more Tips from Sherlock.