Mystery Audit – Selection Criteria

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Mystery Audit – Selection Criteria

Namaste from Sherlock!!!

Many shoppers asked me on how to get more audits. Some of them said, each time we apply, the shop gets cancelled (rejected) and at times, we get a message that we are not eligible to apply for the given audit.

Well, don’t get demotivated. There are certain criteria based on which audits are allocated.

Early Bird: First priority is always given to a shopper who has applied first provided he meets other audit requirement criteria.

Sherlock’s TIP You can overcome this by regularly checking job board and apply as soon as you see an assignment which you would like to perform to increase your chance of acceptance.

Lockout: We follow strict lockout of 60 days to lifetime for different clients for various reasons. If you have visited this outlet and are falling under lockout, your application is bound to get declined.

Sherlock’s TIP Apply for the locations other than the one which you have already visited. A lockout is mandatory. Even if someone assigns you the task irrespective of you falling in lockout period, inform that you cannot perform. Trust me, it’s for shoppers benefit only.

Shopper Rating: Our Quality Check team takes each of the mystery audit report very seriously and reviews it religiously. You get a rating based on the report you submit. If you have not delivered as per the expectations, your future assignments application does get impacted, but that’s within your control.

Sherlock’s TIP Well this is totally in your hand. Writing a good report is a skill. Learn the same at  Good Report & Good Rating. Above every skill, Do submit your report within 24 hours of an audit done. You respect to time, automatically a trust is built with the scheduler and your chance of becoming favorite shopper increases.

Fresh perspective: For us all our mystery shoppers are an asset. Our experienced shoppers bring a lot of wisdom to us while our newly recruited shoppers bring new ideas and fresh perspective in their work. We need to balance both so as to meet client’s expectation. Therefore, total numbers of audits are allocated to new as well as old shoppers.

Sherlock’s TIP Do keep applying for various types of audits. It will add up to your experience.

Happy Mystery Shopping!!!