Process at a Glimpse!!!

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Process at a Glimpse!!!

Namaste from Sherlock!!!

People ask me many times about my success story. Well without any thinking, I would say that my success is linked to understanding the process of whichever company/task I am involved into and religiously following it.

So you now have a better hold of what I am going to tell you in this post.

YES you thought right (Sometimes I really think – Am I that easy to read – How come majority people think the same way I do)

Anyways, I am going to tell you about the process which HS Brands follow for getting mystery audits done (Journey from Audit intimation till Payments).

Well the process is revamped, so even if you are existing shopper with HS Brands, please have a look at new process and follow the same.

Needless to get surprise, even this process is 5 steps long. (You will get this if you have read my all posts)

Step #1: Intimation about new audits

From 1st January, 2016. You will receive intimation about new audits through WhatsApp ONLY.

Add  9071710101 to your What’s app contact list and just text “Hi, your name and city”

If you do not have WhatsApp, please log in and check Job Board regularly for updates.

To ensure that transition is smooth, for January 2016 we will also send email & sms intimating about new audits with sign in link.

Step #2: Apply for audits from Job Board

Please refer my lesson on How to apply for audits using job board.

Step #3: Assigning of audit to mystery shopper by HS Brands

Post scrutinizing all applications, HS Brands team will select the most suitable mystery shopper for the audit.

So once audit is assigned to a mystery shopper, notification for the same will be sent via email.

Step #4: Understand, perform and submit report 

Once the audit is assigned, it will reflect into your SHOP LOG.

Download  the GUIDELINES and read carefully.

(Guidelines are self explanatory. No explanation of guidelines will be done over phone)


Check out carefully Store Name, Store Address.

Call the store prior visiting to cross check whether store is operational or not. If you visit a closed store, it is simply waste of time, money and effort at your end.

Refer below image to understand, from where you can download guideline, read questionnaire, find store details and submit report.


Perform the audit as per the committed date and time. 

Submit audit report (same questionnaire which you read online) within 24 hours of performing audit.

Step #5: Quality Check, Acceptance/Rejection & Payment

Once you submit the audit report, our Quality Check team reviews your report. Post review your report gets accepted and you get rating.

Refer my post on How to write perfect report and get 10/10 rating?

Your report may also get rejected due to your mistake. Refer point number 5 from my post Report Rejection Scenario to get idea of when your report can get rejected.

You get paid for your accepted audit within 45 – 60 days from the date of audit.

You get notified for acceptance/rejection of your report and payment credit via SMS & Email.


Well that’s the way process with HS Brands works.

That’s it from Sherlock. Hope this simple 5 step process explanation will help you in hassle free functioning with HS Brands.