Payment process & Account updation

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Payment process & Account updation



Five questions I always came across from mystery shoppers

  1. How much will I get paid?
  2. When will I get paid?
  3. How will I get paid?
  4. What account details I need to submit and How?
  5. In what circumstances, I don’t get paid?
Well, I don’t know whether it’s a mere coincidence or universe is giving me everything in 5. (5 Funda’s, 5 Queries etc…Simple Yellow Smiley)
Anyways, to tackle above questions, follow answers given below!!!!


How much will I get paid?

This information is available to you while you apply for the audit. Please check the amount you will get paid or reimbursements if any before applying for the audit. How much you get paid is decided by multiple factors like amount client is paying, project complexity, observations etc.

When will I get paid?

The usual mystery shopper tenure of payment of shopper fee is 45-60 days of the month in which the mystery audit is performed.

How will I get paid?

For mystery shoppers in India, The payments are done via NEFT transactions into your bank account.

What account details I need to submit and How?

You need to update your below details into extended profile of your HS Brands account. (Shown in picture at bottom of this post.)

  1. Your name as per bank record.
  2. Name of the Bank
  3. Nature of Account (Savings / Current)
  4. IFSC code of the bank. You can find your bank IFSC code easily at Get IFSC Code.
  5. Bank Account Number (prefix with #)

For E.g – If your account no. is 0002765844909 ,then when you enter into the extended profile, add a # before it and enter it as #0002765844909

!!!Strangely number of details to be submitted too are 5 – So do I consider 5 as my universal solution count???Simple Yellow Smiley

In what circumstances, I don’t get paid?

This rarely happens; however, when it does occur, it is mainly due to mystery shopper secretly getting vanished after taking the audit (not turning up for the audit or follow up calls) & poor quality of a report. For example, a failure to follow guidelines, a lack of critical information, failure to perform the shop at the correct time, or a delay in sending the required reports or proof of visits – All nullify the usefulness of the audit. In this scenario, your report gets excluded and you don’t get paid for excluded report.

Updating account details in extended shopper profile.

Login to your account and click on My Profile tab. Once below page appears, click on Update tab as indicated by blue arrow.


Once clicked on update, separate window will open. Fill the details in respective box as per above instruction and submit the profile.

Well that was so simple right???

That’s it from Sherlock. Hope this simple 5 Fundas helped you in getting answers for your queries on Payment process & Account Updation.