New Shopper – How to activate your account?

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New Shopper – How to activate your account?

Namaste from Sherlock!!!

New to the system?

You just signed up and you are seeing that your account is deactivated!!

Well, don’t get scared. Follow below steps & give a simple test on mystery shopping and get your account activated.

Sherlock’s TIP Follow guidelines given for each question. The answer is available in the guidelines if you read carefully.

Step 1: From your profile page, go to your shop Log wherein you will find below options appearing. Click on Shopper Testing Center tab.


Step 2: From available tests in your testing center, click on Take test for Mystery Shopping Basic (General Account Activation). As given below.


Step 3: A new window will open which will state rules for the test and other description. Read carefully and click on Start Test button.

Step 4: Answer all objective questions. At the bottom of the page, you will find two options. (Save & Finish). Click on the finish if you have answered all your test questions. If you are yet to answer few questions, click on save and you can answer pending questions later. to Submit test for results, please click on Finish.


Step 5: Click on Submit test for grading now. 


If you have given all answers correctly, then you will PASS or else you will get another attempt to give test and PASS.

Once you PASS, your account will automatically be activated.