How to score 10/10 rating?

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How to score 10/10 rating?

Namaste from Sherlock!!!

In continuation to my last post on how to write a perfect mystery shop report, today I would like to teach further on the division of 10 points and how you can score full marks by working on the skill sets required to achieve the same.

Total 10 marks for the report are divided into below points.

6 Marks – You get by following all mentioned – Submitting the report on time, Following guidelines, Questionnaire, Observing all required parameters during the audit and marking answers correctly as per the observation in the store. For any contradiction in the report or missing information – 3 marks will be deducted.

Also please note that your report will get excluded if you don’t follow guidelines & questionnaire. Even for late submission, your report gets excluded and you get zero rating.

Please keep in mind that a mystery shopper goes for any audit as a mystery shopper and not an ordinary customer. Mystery shopper never goes with personal bias or any notion for the brand or store. He goes to the store and observes as per the guidelines and questionnaire. He acts as a normal customer. If staff is not user-friendly or if there is a long queue in billing, he should observe the same and mention in the report at an appropriate place. You should not react while performing the audit. A Mystery shopper is there in the store for an audit to capture facts and not for personal shopping. However, personal shopping can be carried out if the purchase is part of the audit and product you purchasing is part of the guidelines.

Be sharp at observation while you are at the store for an audit. Don’t miss out obvious points and stick to the questionnaire. Refer video at the end of this post to test your observation skills. Trust me it’s very funny and very insightful.

3 Marks – You get for Narration. These 3 marks are further divided as below:

  • 1 mark for providing detail to the point.
  • 1 mark for zero grammatical errors. (Use Grammarly extension to check for grammatical errors if any like we have spell check.
  • 1 mark for proper sentence structure.

1 Mark – You get for uploading proper Proof of Visit. Refer my Post on Good Vs. Bad Proof of Visit. Missing out on any proof of visit will lead to the exclusion of your report.

Please Note: All the parameters are very much important for the report to get accepted. Missing out on Proof of Visit or any observation or not submitting the report within due time leads to the exclusion of the report.

Test your Observational skills

That’s it for this post. Hope this article will help you in grabbing 10 out of 10 rating for your future audits.