What is HS Brands?

HS Brands is a brand protection company having clients across different industries. We conduct mystery shopping activities for our clients through mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers get paid for doing mystery audits. For more visit HS Brands

Who can register as a mystery shopper?

No specific criteria to be eligible for becoming a mystery shopper. Any individual above 18 years of age can be a mystery shopper. Even working professionals, house wife, retired personal too can be a mystery shopper. To register Click Here

Is there any registration fees?

No registration Fees is charged by us, It’s free of cost. Rather we will pay shopper fees for the audits you do.

Do I need to submit any ID proof to register?

Yes. You need to submit any government approved ID proof like Pan Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License or Aadhar Card once registration is completed. Same you need to upload in your “Extended Profile”. To know more Click Here

How to check for available mystery shopping assignments?

You can find available mystery shopping assignments from “Job Board” which is available on your account dashboard. To know how to apply Click Here

How frequently does audit come?

We conduct mystery audits for many brands across industries. We update available audits for the month on job board every month which you can see after login in your shop log details, and apply for the audits as per your convenient time and location.

What kind of places shoppers has to go for mystery audits?

We conduct mystery audits across all industries. Depending on client requirement, place of audit changes. To give a glimpse, a shopper has to visit Shopping Malls, Theatres, Restaurants, Hotels, Automotive Dealerships and Retail showrooms etc. based on availability and requirement.

What kind of work I will have to do?

Basically you will visit the store and behave like a normal customer. Observe parameters mentioned in guidelines, show interest in buying products at times and submit the report based on findings within 24 hours of an audit performed.

What exactly I have to observe during a mystery audit?

This totally depends on client requirement. It can range from any one to all during the mystery audit – Staff’s Communication skills, presentation skills, staff etiquettes, service level to the customer, Ambiance inside the store, Offers and Negotiation for the product, Handling customer query, Salesmanship etc.

Do I have to purchase anything during an audit? If Yes, do I get purchase reimbursed?

No. You don’t have to purchase unless it is mentioned in guidelines. Purchase scenario depends on client requirement. In case of purchase mandatory, you get reimbursed up to a level on actuals or Shopper fee plus reimbursements on actuals or Shopper fee inclusive of all cost. You get prior intimation on what will be your pay for particular audit before you apply for the audit.

How to keep tab of jobs I applied?

You can find the list of applied shops in “MY APPS” which is available on your account dashboard.

How will I come to know if an audit is assigned to me?

You will receive notification via email stating acceptance of applied audit. The Same audit will reflect in your Shop Log which is available on your account dashboard.

Do I have to submit a report after performing mystery audit?

Yes. You have to submit the report which is available in your shop log.

Is there any timeline to submit a report or performing an audit?

Yes. You need to perform the audit as per the timelines mentioned in your shop log (due date) and also report has to be submitted within 24 hours of performing an audit.

What to do if I am unable to perform a mystery shopper audit after it is assigned?

Reply back to the coordinator who assigned you the task as soon as possible. Please note that not performing the audit leads to degradation in your shopper rating. So take up assignments only if you can perform within due date.

Do I get feedback on the report submitted by me?

Yes. You get an email from quality check team once your report is reviewed. You also get the rating out of 10 based on the quality of your report. To know how to write a good report Click Here

Is there any chance my report gets rejected / excluded?

This rarely happens; however, when it does occur, it is mainly due to mystery shopper secretly getting vanished after taking the audit (not turning up for the audit or follow-up calls) & poor quality of a report. For example, a failure to follow guidelines, a lack of critical information, failure to perform the shop at the correct time, or a delay in sending the required reports or proof of visits – All nullify the usefulness of the audit. In this scenario, your report gets excluded and you don’t get paid for excluded report.

Why the report shows incomplete even after submitting?

This can be because of missing out on submitting the response for some questions or submitting a wrong response or missing out on uploading proof of visit. Once you clear the error report will be submitted to completed status.

How much can I earn from mystery shopping?

Depends on how many audits you perform per month. Shopper fee ranges from Rupees 200 to Rupees 3000 depending on audit complexity and client’s requirement.

Do I get reimbursement for my traveling expenses?

No. Shopper fee is inclusive of travel expenses. You definitely have a choice of selecting audit location which is convenient to you and apply from the job board.

How do I get paid for performed mystery audit?

You get paid through NEFT transfer into your bank account. You need to have a bank account in your name.

Where do I submit my account details?

You have to update account details in your extended profile. To know how to update visit Click Here

When do I get paid for my performed audit?

As per the industry standards, mystery shopper gets paid within 45 to 60 days from the month of an audit done. For E.g.: Payments for audit done in January will be done in March.

Why the payment takes 45 to 60 days from the month of an audit?

The payment duration takes 45-60 days because, once the report reaches to us, it has to pass through quality check & Editing team. Post review it is delivered to the client. This process takes time and thus as per industry standard, we pay within 45 to 60 days from the month of an audit.

How would I know if the payment is made?

Once a transaction is made for any mystery shopping assignment, you receive a notification from your bank on your registered email ID / mobile number.

How does it help to be an MSPA certified mystery shopper?

MSPA certified mystery shoppers are always given preference over non-certified mystery shoppers as the certification indicates the quality of Mystery Shopping skills of the shopper.

How safe is my personal information as mystery (secret) shopper?

All the mystery shopper information is safe with HS Brands as this information is only used for matching and selection of shoppers for different brand protection based mystery shopping audits.

How can I trust HS Brands?

Search HS Brands on google (we are present globally), visit our company website www.hsbrands.com.

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