HS Brands has been pioneer in launching change and innovation in the industry. It makes us proud to add one more in our kitty.

Here by we provide you with support of Sherlock (one and only of its kind in mystery shopping industry).

Sherlock is, 

  • Your guide in journey of performing mystery audits.
  • Your guide to solve all your queries with respect to mystery shopping in best possible way.
  • Inspiration for all who want to excel in their life (personally as well as professionally).
  • Fear for all who misleads and does not deliver required output.

Sherlock is an overall package (Your guide, your friend, your inspiration etc..). Sherlock is open to all. Take the way you percieve and make best benefit out of it.

HS Brands:

HS Brands International is a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), which is the largest professional trade association dedicated to manage and improve customer service quality through secret resources. The MSPA represents a large number of mystery shopping companies in India and abroad. HS Brands abides by the strong professional ethics formed by the MSPA and takes pride in achieving the goals with utmost integrity, professionalism, transparency and most significantly adheres to maintain confidentiality.

HS Brands Asia pays a mystery shopper fee for undertaking such assignments. Anyone within the specified age group, signing as a Mystery Shopper with HS Brands is entitled with a username and password. The pre-requisite is to go through the instructions and fill the details mentioned in the website form. These details are taken only to match the profile with the client’s requirement. All information entered in the process is secured and not shared with any other party. Once the registration process is done, a shopper is unrestricted to do Mystery Shopping in India in any available location in a city, town or a remote area. The shopper fee can be availed within 45-60 days of submitting the completed report.

 Welcome to the World of Mystery Shopping in India and South East Asia!